How to host an event during Covid-19

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Event planning during the pandemic has become a hard, but not impossible task. And that does not mean that you cannot enjoy your special occasion! Organizing an event during the time of Covid-19 puts more pressure on the planners and the hosts, as you need to follow guidelines that were never in place before. Think checking temperature, providing face masks, and following social distancing rules, among other things. So, how do you make sure that your guests have a great time at the event in these strange times?

Social distancing

Since the number of guests that can attend an event is not limited, the best way to keep everyone safe is to ensure the distance of 6 feet between the attendees. Although sometimes this is hard to achieve, you can take some steps to make it more feasible. For example, it is easier to maintain distance at the events taking place outdoors, not to mention that ventilation is also better. In addition, limiting the number of attendees and making careful seating arrangements is also helpful. Have your guests use different exits for entering and leaving the event and leave stickers on the floor and walls to guide them around the venue safely.


Hand sanitizer has become the most popular accessory during the pandemic, and a good host will always make sure there are enough stations with anti-bacterial gel around the venue. If possible, it is even better to arrange hand washing stations at the event. Various messages and signs spread around the venue can create awareness among the guests about good personal hygiene.

Food and beverage

If you were planning on setting up a self-service buffet for your guests, that is probably out of question for the moment. Instead, seated dining, although more costly, is a better option to keep your guests safe. Make sure to choose staff members with appropriate training in food handling for your event to go smoothly. Since this will add extra costs to the organization of your event, it might be a good idea to think about cost-effective solutions for food and beverages offered.

Wedding shopping and makeup

Wedding industry had to adjust to the demands of the pandemic, but we have to say they did it very gracefully. Bridal salons introduced safety regulations, and many offered free virtual appointments for consultations, as well as the option to try dresses at home. Professional hair stylists and makeup artists have also put in place strict safety measures and offered online makeup tutorials for their clients. So, if you are planning a wedding amidst the pandemic, do not let it overwhelm you, because your most important day will be beautiful!

Doing things online

Consider doing some event preparation online. For example, you can send invitations over email, or arrange a virtual ceremony for presenting gifts, or show a recording of a performance to your guests instead of having someone come in and perform live. There are many ways you can approach this, depending on the type of event you are planning. For instance, during VIP conferences speakers can have an option to join virtually. This could lead to so-called hybrid events, where you have some participants present offline, with others connecting via an online tool. Such events also need careful planning because of a special format, but they work very well for creating a lasting impression.

Our team at Class Act Designs makes decisions every day on how to keep our clients happy and healthy. We will be happy to answer questions and address concerns you might have about hosting an event during the pandemic.

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