Tables at a wedding reception, or any event , no longer serve merely as a place for food, but as a palette on which to display one’s flair for decorating. Table decor has evolved over the years to include fresh colours, new accessories and an attention to personalized detail that makes every event unique. Bigger is no longer better and simplicity is a common trend seen when adorning wedding/ dinner tables. Clients seem to prefer “Simple, simple, simple — no more over-the-top florals and place settings,” people are customizing colour and shape to suit their personalities and bring flair to the setting. No longer is it just plates, cutlery, glasses and linens that dress the table. Centrepieces, menus, place cards and even chair decorations are seen as items that can be customized for a perfect event. “We hear from a lot of clients who say they’ve been to the same style of wedding over and over,” Recently you see the trend where they want to make their day their own and avoid a cookie-cutter wedding.” Square plates, rectangle tables, pewter and silver, luxurious linens, and even centrepiece lighting are all emerging styles for events.

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